Building Healthy Christian-Muslim Relations: The Need to Redefine the Parameters of Involvement and Scope of Operation for Religious Bodies in Education Delivery in Ghana


This paper discusses the need to redefine the parameters of involvement and scope of operation for religious institutions in partnership with government in education delivery. This is to ensure neutrality in the face of increasing monopolization and attempt to proselytize and control student life in line with the religious beliefs and practices of the religious bodies. The position of this paper is that there is the need for the Ministry of Education (MoE) which has the overall responsibility for Education Sector Policy (ESP), Planning and Monitoring to look at the existing parameters of involvement and scope of operation for religious institution that partner with government for education delivery in Ghana. This is as a result of increasing attempts to proselytize students in contravention to regulations governing the establishment of educational institutions and the right to freedom of religion and religious expression as established by the constitution.

Edward Agboada, holds an MPhil in Religious Studies from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. He lectures at the Ramseyer Theological Seminary, Abetifi-Ghana.