Understanding the Eschatology of Malachi 4:1-6

AUTHOR : Elisha Kwabena Marfo
ISSUE: February 2019 Volume 1 Number 1 Article 13
PAGES : 152-168
DOI : 10.32051/02211913



While several theological interpretations in Mal 4:1-6 have engaged the attention of scholars over the years concerning the meaning of the passage, the polarization of views seems to result from the divergence of scholarly opinions regarding the nature of Malachi eschatology, particularly that of the closing chapter of the book. This study therefore argues that contextual understanding of Malachi’s the day of the Lord leads to a better understanding about the eschatology of Mal 4:1-6. However, the unfolding events and characters of the passage play an integral role within the pericope it is embedded, and correct understanding of the text is crucial to valid exegesis of the eschatological context. The nature of eschatology should influence our understanding of the prophecy of Malachi. Thus, exegetically the pericope (Mal 4:1-6) should be considered eschatological in orientation.

Author’s Biodata:ELISHA KWABENA MARFO is affiliated to the School of Theology and Missions, Valley View University, Accra, Ghana. Elisha holds a Master of Arts in Old Testament from Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies, Philippines, where he is currently a PhD candidate specializing in Old Testament languages and exegesis.