ERATS has come to stay and is moving forward steadily to fulfilling its vision of promoting religious and theological scholarship in Africa and the world at large. This volume is made up of 16 articles from West Africa, Asia and USA; and from varying fields namely: Biblical Studies, Theology, Pentecostal and Charismatic Studies, Church History and Missions, Neo-prophetic Movements, and African Traditional Religion. An important feature of the papers in this volume is that they have all been assigned Digital Object Identifier (DOI) numbers, to facilitate a quick and precise search for the research articles as well as authenticate the credibility of ERATS. Thus, the DOI numbers identify ERATS and the individual articles internationally.

Degbe analyses the biblical sermons of a pentecostal-charismatic preacher in Ghana; Anderson studies a neo-prophetic movement in Kumasi-Ghana; Amarkwei uses Weber’s social analysis to find reason for Protestant church decline in South Korea and the Occident; Nterful traces and analyses the growth of the Lighthouse Chapel International; Adomako-Mensah discusses discipleship from Mark’s gospel; Gwizo treats us with a syntactical, intra-textual and text linguistic analysis of the book of Daniel. Normanyo gives a reason for the resurgence of African traditional shrines in Ghana; Ajibade posits that expository preaching is ‘the method’ and not ‘a method’ for biblical preaching; Anomah argues that there is need for dialogue with and integration of common practices in Asante traditional religion and Christianity to minimize duplication by churches; Appiah-Kubi and Karikari give a theological response to the challenges confronting marriages and families in Africa; Agboada gives a theological analysis of imprecatory prayers in contemporary Christianity; Gbekor discusses some manifestations of gender inequality in Ghana; Marfo argues that the understanding of ‘the day of the Lord’ in Malachi 4:1-6 is basic to understanding Malachi’s prophecy; Korsah elucidates the specificity of the Catholic priesthood in a religio-pluralistic society such as Ghana through a historico-theological survey; Torsu analyses Judges 4:1-6 to reveal its implication for women empowerment and national development; Kuwornu-Adjaottor and Kodom compare the rendering of quotation marks in the Gospel of Luke of the Greek New Testament with the Asante-Twi translation. These articles have contributed to scholarship in the various religio-theological disciplines. You should not just read them but review them as bases for further research on the topics. Cite them in your works and you will be making them relevant.

The Editorial team sincerely thanks the contributors of this issue. Special thanks also go to our reviewers for their support. We encourage scholars in biblical, religious and theological studies who are interested in academic publishing to send their papers to ERATS. Visit https://erats.org/submit-article/ to submit your papers. Our capable reviewers are ready to work with you. We look forward to receiving your work.

Rev Prof Jonathan E T Kuwornu-Adjaottor (PhD)
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