Jethro’s Mentoring of Moses (Exodus 18) and its Relevance to the Nigerian Clergy

AUTHOR : Favour C. Uroko
ISSUE: Volume 6 Issue 2– March 2020 Article 5
PAGES : 135 – 144
DOI : 10.32051/erats.2020.035



This article examines mentorship among the clergy in Nigeria in the light of Ex 18. Ex 18 explores how Jethro mentored Moses near the mountain of God. He first had a close relationship with Moses. Secondly, he encouraged Moses and showed genuine concern for Moses’s growth and development. Looking at mentorship in the Nigerian context, it was discovered that hatred, jealousy, pride, and lack of transparency on the part of the mentor and unwillingness to be mentored by the mentee are the problems bedevilling pastoral ministry. This has led to ministers engaging in diabolic combats and physical wrestling in and outside their worship centres. The question becomes: How can the problems of mentorship among the clergy in Nigeria be solved or reduced? It is believed that Ex 18 will speak anew to the problems in mentorship in Nigeria.

Key words: Mentorship, Jethro, Moses, Nigerian Clergy, Pastoral Ministry

Author Biodata: Favour C. Uroko is a Post Graduate Student at the Department of Religion and Cultural Studies, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Nigeria. Email: