The E-Journal of Religious and Theological Studies (ERATS) is an international, religious and theological journal that publishes academic articles, conference papers, dissertation/thesis chapters and book reviews that are proof-read and formatted according to ERATS required style. ERATS operates as a Non-Profit organization incorporated under the Companies Act of Ghana 1963 as a limited by guarantee Company in 2018.

ERATS came into being at the Department of Religious Studies, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi-Ghana when Rev. Prof. Jonathan Kuwornu-Adjaottor won the William Shakespeare Research Award-2015 in Religious Studies. He teamed up with Professor Sorrie Conteh then at the Biblical Studies Department of the All Nations University College, Koforidua-Ghana, and now at the University of Sierra Leone in starting the journal. ERATS is registered at the George Padmore Library in Accra, with  registration number ISSN 2458-7338.

ERATS is currently published by NOYAM Publishers.  A non-profit organization that exists to make scholarly communications better. The Journal has four publications in a year: January, March, July and October. Though the Journal faced some teething challenges in the beginning, ERATS has witnessed nine publications since its inception:
Volume 1 Number 1 June 2015;
Volume 1 Number 2 September 2015;
Volume 1 Number 1 February  2016,
Volume 1 Number 2 June 2016;
Volume 1 Number 1 September 2017;
Volume 1 Number 1 September 2018;
Volume 1 Number 1 February 2019;
Volume 1 Number 2 June 2019;
Volume 1 Number 3 September 2019.

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